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Portable meditation seat available in SweetPersimmon Store

Our portable meditation seat is featured in our store.  Small, compact with its own carry case that doubles as a seat cushion, the seat is perfect for the tea room to relieve pressure on your ankles.

It is popular with tea students as it is small and unobtrusive in the the tea room.  It comes in 5 colors: red, green, blue, white and yellow, as well as natural wood.

We use sustainable wood and milk paint that is good for the environment.  I hope you will enjoy using it as much as we did designing and making it.

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Learning to trust again

I have been working with a good man who has helped me redo the website.  In the process of working together, I have learned to trust again.

The last couple of times I hired a web designer, I felt abandoned with a broken website after they changed some things I didn’t understand, or like last year wiped out the whole site with a “clean install.”  These characters didn’t return my panicked phone calls and I didn’t know how to restore or fix what had happened.   The site has never worked right since last year.

But I am moving forward again and have established a trusting relationship with my new web designer.   He has helped me learn how my website is put together, and how I can change the things I need to.  We have worked through problems together and he says he’ll stick around to help me maintain it.  It only gets better from here.  Thanks Steve.

And if you’d like a referral to this great guy, send me a note via the contact us form, under the home tab above.