Welcome to my shop, SweetPersimmon

Japanese Aesthetics

For more than 30 years, I have studied and taught Chado, the Japanese Tea Ceremony in Portland, Seattle, New York, Kyoto, Hong Kong, London, Paris. So the design and craftsmanship of SweetPersimmon products flow from the aesthetics you find in the Japanese Tea Room: an understated elegance, a rich but quiet beauty, and combining materials in a  new and unexpected way.


All purses, bags and wood products are individually designed and handcrafted by us, in our Portland, Oregon sewing and woodworking studios.  After many years in the corporate world, we left to pursue our entrepreneurial dream of creating products that reflect our way of life and sense of beauty.

Chado, the Japanese Tea Ceremony

You will also find occasional products offered for sale representing unique utensils used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Each one is a work of artistic simplicity. Go ahead and explore our offerings below: